PRODUCT REVIEW / September 9, 2016

Poptang Tango Popcorn

Most of us are aware of who Yumsh Snacks are. They are the fine people behind the super tasty Ten Acre brand. This award winning range are so fabulous. They accommodate to all sorts of dietary requirements. Making their products gluten free, dairy free, MSG free, kosher, halal and vegetarian. Round of applause to people pleasing. Now they are taking it one step further and have been tangoed. Yes you heard right. They have teamed up with Tango to create, well I guess some fizz-corn. Poptang tango popcorn.

I wouldn’t have thought I would be lucky enough to get a sample of this new fizzylicious range. It has been mentioned several times, that we are a nation of popcorn eaters, and it is very true. I always prefer a bag of popcorn to a packet of crisps. Now I can mix that with your favourite iconic drink.  My popcorn arrived in a very cool and mysterious black box, which my partner delved into straight away. I must admit I wasn’t sure about how these were going to taste.

However I was pleasantly surprised. I mean these certainly pop a tang in your mouth. Its a great mixture of sweet and sour. Yet thats what I like about it, and that is what differentiates it to any other popcorn out there. Believe me I have tasted a lot of popcorn. Both flavours are very very nostalgic of my childhood, as Tango was one of my fave drinks, especially the apple, and cherry, so theres an idea for you guys. Poptang really hit that sweet tooth for anyone craving a sweetly snack, with that tangy fruity flavour. Also they are incredibly moorish. Keeping with the Ten Acre values they are dairy free, gluten free, MSG free, kosher, halal and vegetarian. So again everyone can enjoy. I would really recommend these, add some tang to your day.

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